The world of esports betting and competitive gaming are demanding, so you should be competitive at all times. And as much as possible, always take advantage of the bonuses, promotions, and free bets giveaway from bookmakers or betting exchange sites. These bonuses can give your profit a boost and can prolong your betting foundation. If you want a stress-free and long-term betting experience, get to know the type of bonuses you can get from bookmakers.


No-Deposit Bonus –  from time to time, there are bookmakers that offers giveaway bets for free. No-deposit bonus allows you to get the complete welcome bonus without depositing any funds to your account. It’s usually small since it’s completely free, and the rollover requirement for this bonus is much larger than other bonuses.

Reload Bonus – these bonuses are standard bonuses available for existing members of the betting site. Some offer these as a weekly/monthly bonus, while some only offer it occasionally. There are times that they give these to VIP or loyal bettors through e-mail. Sometimes, reload bonuses are smaller in size than the initial deposit bonus and will also be subjected to a rollover.   

Cashback Bonus – a small number of CSGO betting sites and Bitcoin betting sites offer cash back bonuses. This isn’t a common bonus, after all. But you can still find cashbacks from time to time. This bonus gives back the amount of money placed for your bet as a cashback.

Referral Bonus – this bonus, of course, requires a friend. It is given to players once they send invites or referral to one of their friends via e-mail or whatever methods the sportsbook operator requires. Once that friend registered to the website and made his or her first deposit, the player will receive a commission. For bulk referral bonuses, some websites offer these through their affiliate marketing program.

Free Bet Bonus – these bonuses are the ultimate free bets giveaway you can get from bookmakers. Usually, the site will offer you a free bet based upon the size of your initial deposit on the website. Some free bet include the stake, so if you were to deposit your money, you would win your initial deposit instead of the bet you won. There are times that free bets are not only offered as deposit bonuses. Many CSGO betting sites offer them as part of a promotion, especially for those who are members of their affiliate marketing program.

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