You can instantly increase your CSGO betting odds by preparing early for the upcoming tournaments you can bet on. And this year, we have loads of major tournaments sponsored by several giant industries that would surely attract the attention of both online sportsbooks and gamblers. For your reference, here are the Q1 2019 CSGO Major tournaments coming your way:

Eleague CS:GO Invitational 2019

This year’s Eleague Invitational is sponsored and organized by ELEAGUE themselves. It will culminate from January 25-27 at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta Georgia. The tournament will feature 4 invited teams, BIG, Cloud9, Complexity Gaming, and Faze Clan. It will see a double-elimination bracket with all matches in B03. The winner will get a lion’s share of $150,000 USD. If you want a tournament where you can easily guess the CSGO Bitcoin betting odds and make accurate predictions, this is for you.

World Electronic Sports Games 2019 Female

This tournament speaks girl power. If you’re a girl bettor, this one’s for you. It is organized b Alisports and Alibaba Group and will be part of the WESG series. Some of the confirmed participants are CLG Red, TYLOO Female, Lazarus Esports, ArkAngel Pro Team.Female, Carnage Esports Female, Those Damn Canadians, Time Das Lindas, and Team France. The teams will compete for the portion of the $105,000 USD prize pool at

BLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019

The Blast Pro Series is the world’s most entertaining esports tournament, not to mention the biggest event with the most competitive CSGO betting odds you can bet on. The Miami event will be handled by RFRSH. It will follow the tournament format with group stages, grand finals, and Blast Pro standoff. The BLAST Pro Standoff is a prize bonus showmatch, with five 1v1 aim duels. The team finishing in 3rd place chooses their opponent from the remaining teams who finish below them, while the winner of the BLAST Pro Standoffs takes home a $20,000 USD bonus prize. All in all, the total prize pool is $250,000 USD.

United Masters League Season 1

The inaugural season of the United Masters League will feature winners from online stages. It will be organized by ChallengeMe.GG and Unikrn. All expenses are sponsored by AMID, GRID, M7M Esports Factory, Runtime, and noblechairs. The event will have a single-elimination bracket, and all matches would be in B03. 4 teams will compete for a portion of the $100,000 USD prize pool, so you can easily increase your CSGO Bitcoin betting odds here.

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